Inspirational Speaker

In my inspirational talks, I like to introduce you to three famous people who changed history and built the fundaments for our modern civilization. The way they succeeded in doing so, inspires business mentality, strategies, networking, change management, marketing and motivational leadership.

History shows us valuable lessons. Over thousands of years, people had the same dreams, motivations, drives, visions, skills and strategies as we have in modern day. The only difference is how these concepts are being materialized.

Cleopatra VII, Networker. Heiress and Queen of Ptolomaic Egypt, People’s Princess.

Queen Cleopatra was very skilled in networking, and creating connections with and between the people of the Ancient World. Greek by origin, she learned the native Egyptian language to connect with her people. Next, she reinstalled ancient pharaonic traditions to solidify her rise to power as the goddess Isis personified.




Julius Caesar, Lawyer, Author, Interim Manager and CEO of Roman Empire Corporation.

Julius Caesar was a transformational leader and a change manager who transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. In order to succeed, he built alliances with the most powerful men in Rome, and had to overcome the largest financial crisis in the Ancient World to save the Roman legacy.



Listen to a small sample on Julius Caesar:


Alexander III of Macedon. Visionary,  Image builder and Marketing Strategist.

Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Alexander the Great was a visionary with great marketing instincts. After uniting the Greek city-states, he went on to conquer the then-known world with an army that followed in his footsteps. Alexander was able to inspire people in his vision, and his ambition to found cities, temples, coinage and a Hellenistic civilization that have an everlasting impact on the modern world.





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