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Egyptian Fort from the time of Psamtik

Fort of Psamtik I

Egyptian Fort from the time of Psamtik I discovered:

CAIRO, EGYPT—According to a Xinhua report, traces of a military castle dating to between 664 and 610 B.C. have been uncovered in Egypt’s North Sinai province. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said the mud-brick structure, built during the reign of Psamtik I, had 16 towers. It measured some 278 feet long by 36 feet wide, and had been constructed on top of another, unfinished castle. The excavation team, led by Hesham Hussein, has also found living quarters for the soldiers who were stationed there. Hussein said the castle acted as the main gate at ancient Egypt’s eastern border. Most of its buildings had been destroyed by attackers. To read in-depth about another discovery in northern Egypt, go to “The Rulers of Foreign Lands.”