Ushabti of Nisumenu, Third Intermediate Period

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An ushabti made of green faience.

This ushabti (“answerer”) is made of green Egyptian faience. Shaped like a mummy after Osiris, the ancient god of the Underworld and fertility, it has the typical three-piece wig, arms crossed with flails in the hands, on the back he carries a seed basket. These details, as well as the inscription was glazed on with black paint. The column on the front shows the name and title of the deceased proprietor of this ushabti.
The text reads:
“The Illuminating One, the servant of Amun-ra, Ni-su-Menu.”

Date: Third Intermediate Period, 21th – 22nd Dynasty around 1085-713 B.C
Height: 10.5 cm

Condition: Object is restored

Provenance: Former English private collection, collected before 1980. Before that belonging to Collection Gläser, Maxhütte, Germany

Estimate: € 600 – 800

Item condition: Good

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