Ushabti of Lady Tabaketenashekh, Third Intermediate Period

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Ushabti of Lady Tabaketenashekh.
The name of the deceased owner of the ushabti can be translated as “The Servant of the Ashekh”. The name is well documented and suggests that “Ashekh” (perhaps “Ascheq”) is a deity. The name of the deity is written as follows: Aa-sha-ga . This syllabic spelling was used by Egyptian scribes for foreign terminology and names. It could be a foreign deity that is part of the name.

The text on the ushabti reads as follows: n k3 n Wsir tA-b(A)k.t-(n-)a(A)-S(A)-g(A) m3′.t-hrw “For the Ka of the Osiris, Tabaket(en)ashekh, justified.”

Date: Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty 1069- 945 B.C.
Material: Faience
Height: 15.5 cm

Provenance: German private collection, before 1980

Estimate € 800 – 1200

Item condition: Good

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