Shabti of Psamtik, Late Period

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A very fine green glazed shabti of Psamtik, Son of Amenirdis, with hieroglyphic inscription is finely moulded in the famous mummy form. It is wearing a tripartite wig and plaited divine beard. The face is defined with incised mouth, large almond shaped eyes and faint ears. The arms are crossed over the chest, hands protude from a shroud to hold a flail in each fist, the right hand also holding a twisted rope connected to a seed bag behind the left shoulder.

Date: Late Period, 27th -30th Dynasty 525-332 B.C.

Material: Faience
Height:19.0 cm
Condition:Near mint, some small chips
Provenance: Former UK private Collection, dating from 1910.

Estimate € 4000 – 5000

Th horizontal bands of incised text cover the lower chest and legs that reads:

“(1) Illuminate the Osiris Psamtik, born of Amenirdis! He says: “O (2) you shabti! If one should assign the Osiris Psamtik, true of (3) voice, born of Amenirdis, to do any work that needs to be done there in the necropolis, (4) once obstacles have been removed there from a man at his duties, (5) ‘Here I am!’ you shall say. And if one should assign (6) you at any time to do [work] there — to cultivate (7) fields, to irrigate riverbanks, or to transport (8) sand of the East to the West or vice versa — ‘Here (9) I am!’ you shall say.”

Item condition: Very good

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