Ushabti of Hathoremakhet, Late Period

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This very fine and large faience ushabti figurine is depicted as a worker holding hoe and pick for work in the fields of Osiris in the afterlife. It is wearing a tripartite wig which falls down between the shoulders. It has an Osiris-type beard which ends in a tight forward curl. The nine horizontal lines of text read as follows:

(1) sHD Wsjr Hw.t-Hr-m-Akh.t ms(.n) t3-Srj=s m3′-hrw.
(1) Illuminating of the Osiris Hathoremakhet, born of Tasheries, justified

(2) Dd=f j wSb.tiw ipn ir Wsjr. (3) r ir k3.t im m Hr.t-nTr (…).
(2) he says: Oh you shabtis, if one counts the Osiris
(3) to do the work there in the necropolis (…)

The text continues with the shabti spell (spell 6 of the Book of the Dead) describing the duties of the servant figures in the Netherworld.

Date: Late Period, 27th to 30th Dynasty 554-332 B.C.
Material: Faience
Height: 20.7 cm

Provenance: Benedict Collection, 1842-1922
Estimate € 5000 – 6000

Item condition: Very good

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