Pectoral with winged scarab, Ptolemaic Period

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Polychrome pectoral with winged scarab.
The pectoral consists of cartonnage which is stuccoed and painted. This kind of pectorals were part of the mummy’s decoration connected to the funerary rites of the Greek Ptolemaic dynasties during the final centuries B.C. The pectoral was placed on the chest of the mummy. The main subject depicted is the winged scarab with a sun disk (centre), and the flanking falcon-heads crowned with solar discs at the top left and right. Such an ensemble originally also included both a mummy mask and footwear.
Date: Ptolemaic-Period, around 334-30 B.C.

Material: Cartonnage with painting
Dimensions: 20.0 x 12.8 cm

Provenance: Private collection of Dr. L. Benguerel, Spain.
Estimate: € 800 – 1200

Item condition: Very good

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