Naos Amulet, Late Period

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A very fine faience naos amulet, with goddess.

The word naos (Greek for temple or shrine) was the innermost chamber of a sanctuary in an ancient Greek temple. In ancient Egypt, the naos was a small shrine and eventually a naos-like hieroglyph came to represent the temple building in written text. Naos amulets such as this one here are incredibly rare. This Amulet shows a goddess in the niche and its sides are decorated with lotus plants.
Very few of these amulets have been published so far, it seems as if they had a special meaning which was not intended for the general people. However, the few that are known date to the Late- or Ptolemaic Period.

Date: Late to Ptolemaic Period.
Material: Faience
Height: 3,5 cm
Condition: small chip on the base
Provenance: Former Belgian private collection, acquired before 1980.
Estimate: € 750 -1000

Item condition: Near mint

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