Mummy cartonnage of Osiris- Harsiese, Ptolemaic Period

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Openwork painted cartonnage, a rectangular leg panel with a winged figure in the upper register, Horus wearing a sun disc crown. Two lower side registers each portay the four Sons of Ra and the Egyptian goddesses Nephthys and Isis. At the center is a column with gilded hieroglyphs. The text reads as follows:

“An offering which the king gives to Osiris, the First of the West, the Lord of Busiris, (he may give a victim), for the Osiris Harsiese.”

Mummies cartonnage which can be assigned to a specific deceased person are extremely rare.

Date: Ptolemaic-Period, around 100 B.C.
Material: Cartonnage, painted and gilded.

Dimensions of object 50,8 x 19,3 cm, Frame 63 x 33 cm

Provenance: Former private NY collection, brought to USA prior to 1948.
Estimate: € 1750 – 2250

Item condition: Very good

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