Large Bes amulet, Third Intermediate Period

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An exquisite blue amulet of the dwarf god Bes.
This amulet represents Bes in its typical form, naked with feather crown, standing on a integral base. The faience amulet shows the god on both sides and is glazed in blue.
Bes was a popular protector deity in Egypt and holds an outstanding role in popular belief. He saved the people in everyday life against all negative influences, especially in pregnancy, but he never was one of the great gods of the ancient Egyptian world.

Date: Third Intermediate Period, 21th – 22th Dynasties 1085-713 B.C.
Material: Faience
Height: 6.4 cm

Provenance: German private collection from the 1970’s
Estimate € 3500 – 4500

A similar Bes Amulet at the Metropolitan Museum, New York

Item condition: Near mint

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