Bronze flail of Osiris, Late Period – Ptolemaic Period

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A rare specimen of a flail, probably originating from a figure that must have been about 20 cm in height.
This kind of flails are known from Osiris figures, but these are mostly molded together with the body from a cast. Individual flails were used for royal shabtis made of wood, attached separately to these figures. These tools, which were originally used for field work, had developed over time into symbols representing the power of the king or the gods.

Date: Late- to Ptolemaic Period, 7th to 1st Century B.C.
Material: Bronze
Height: 3.0 cm
Condition: restored item

Provenance: Originating from private collection of Dutch painter Alma Tadema, collected between 1956-1962

Estimate: € 250- 350

Item condition: Good

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