First of all, welcome to the website of Ancient Artifacs Auctions. My name is Walter de Winter, I am happy to share my passion about antiquities and academic research in the field of archaeology with you. I was affiliated with the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, Humboldt University in Berlin and University of California Riverside.  My academic specialism is ancient globalization processes in the Near East, Egypt and Nubia, with focus on the seals and sealings that were used as means of administration and communication within and in between the different cultures. The adventure continues…

My interest for ancient civilizations also expands in collecting and trading antiquities. I find that both the academic and the commercial fields that are seemingly contradicting,  are actually  complementary since passion inspires interest.

Buying and investing in antiquities can be regarded as an interesting and adventurous journey. In contrast with modern art, ancient art has proven to give an annual return on investment from 6 to 8 percent.

This is about the same as the modern day general stock market return. The essential difference is that the value of an antiquity has been proven since a few thousand years, and is much more appealing to the eye than just a graph on a screen. The intrinsic beauty, the artistic value, the historical and scientific importance of antiquities is unparallelled.

Art of ancient cultures is part of the heritage of mankind. Specifically but not exclusively, the cultures of the Ancient Near East and Egypt were formative for our Western and European civilization, and continue to inspire the understanding of our own cultures. The delicacy of certain artifacts can reflect upon the great amount of energy by which the ancient culture meant to beget it, and the journey that the object made through time, down the centuries.

The odds that a rare and priceless artifact ends up in your hands after crossing oceans of time, are unlikely. Henceforth, a piece of antiquity is not an object that one can simply own, it is a part of history that one can only borrow for a period of time.

The wonderful connections through history can inspire a sense of timeless durability, eternal continuity and even humbleness when one is personally confronted with an ancient artifact.

As an archaeologist, I am dedicated to a code of conduct to offer clients authentic objects of the highest quality that are acquired from a source that is not conflicting with any legal regulations.

Every purchase through or from Ancient Artifacts Auctions has a guarantee of authenticity.

When you want Ancient Artifacts Auctions to consign artifacts from your collection, send your request to info@ancientartifacts-auctions.com

All client information will be kept confidential.

Thank you in advance!

Walter de Winter

Ancient Artifacts Auctions